Welcome to New Zealand's 78rpm record site

Here you'll find articles on local and foreign 78rpm records, plus my work to date on creating a dating guide for Australian and New Zealand issued 78s.  
You'll also find lots of stuff relating to my collecting interest in the copyright royalty stamps found on these old records, and other interesting NZ stamps.


Mechanical Copyright Stamps

 Stamps on old records and pianola rolls


Australian and New Zealand 78rpm recordings

A comprehensive list of Australasian record labels, or series particular to Australasia, with issue dates where known.
Many images.

78rpm records produced in New Zealand  
    An alphabetical listing of labels and series pressed in New Zealand, with images.  Includes lacquers.
    Some sleeves too.


New Zealand's First Record Labels
Just prior to WW1, two labels were contract-pressed by Edison-Bell (UK) for a Christchurch importer.  
A listing of currently known titles is included.



NZ's Record Shop Advertising Stickers & Stamps   
    The small advertising labels affixed by the music shops onto the records, rolls and sheet music make a colourful side-collection.


NZ's Record Shop Advertising Sleeves & Bags
    Record stores often created their own sleeves for 78rpm (and later LPs). 


Store labels - House labels of department stores and other outlets  
    Starting from a series of messages in 78-l in mid 2001, the list has been extended.


Late-pressed 78rpm records - after 1960   (PDF, 3.3MB)
    Records have continued to be sporadically pressed at 78rpm, after the demise of commercial pressings circa 1960. 


Japanese 78rpm records in New Zealand
    Based on a small collection purchased early in 2013, here in Wellington. 



New Zealand Courier & Freight labels

Auckland double overprint

New Zealand Railways Charges & Newspaper stamps

Railway Charges Stamps - an overview (10Mb)
Updated with Version 10, September 2016

Railway Newspaper, Parcel & Freight Stamps - an overview (4Mb)

The 1890 p12½ 3d Railway Newspaper stamp (700Kb)
 The value of 78rpm records in New Zealand - some advice for beginners

The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand

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