Japanese 78rpm records

From the collection of Adam Miller, New Zealand.

This first section is based upon one collection in Wellington in early 2013.  Most are pre-WW2, had their original sleeve, and many also had their original slip-in.
To begin with, I've just put up a selection of labels rather than both sides of all the records.
Any information on the date of the records, the artist or tune would be much appreciated and will be updated here.
Feel free to contact me.




Japan King 11091

Japan King record slip

Japan King record sleeve


Nipponophone 16662

Nipponophone slip

Japan Nipponophone record sleeve

Nipponophone sleeve back


Nitto record 1240

Nitto record sleeve

Nitto record sleeve back


Nitto 5425

Nitto electric record sleeve

Nitto 6371

Nitto record slip


Nipponophone Co Ltd
Orient record 3618

Orient slip

Orient Factory, Nipponophone Co Ltd
Orient 1790

Orient record slip

Orient record sleeve

Orient record sleeve back

Nipponophone Co Ltd, Made in Japan

Orient 4428

Orient slip

Made in Japan
Orient record 1868

Orient record sleeve

orient sleeve


Japan polydor 10121

japan polydor sleeve

polydor japan record sleeve

Japan polydor 664

japan polydor record sleeve

japan polydor sleeve


regal japan 66080

japan regal slip


Teichiku 111

Teichiku slip

Teichiku record sleeve


Made in Japan Taihei Gramophone Co Hanshin Line
Taihei record 4503

taihei record sleeve

Made in Nippon Taihei Gramophone Co Nishinomiya

Taihei 4787

Made in Japan Dainippon Gramophone Co Nishinomiya

Taihei 15267


toa record 1262
Yamamura Toyoko, "Yakko-san", a Geisha performance.

Recorded in Japan
Toa record 181
"Seryoku Tomigoro", a Naniwabushi narrative song.


Tsuru record 2392

Tsuru record slip

Tsuru record sleeve

Tsuru record sleeve back


Japan victor 50313

Victor japan sleeve

RCA Victor

Japan victor record KI-6

RCA Victor Japan sleeve

A second collection was obtained in March 2015.  This time that are all post-WW2 - between 1946 and 1952.
Most likely brought back to New Zealand by a serviceman previously stationed in Japan.
A selection showing the label variants present is shown below.  Sadly only one still had its original sleeve.


Pressed by Nippon Columbia, Kawasaki

Japan Columbia A339
A339, 1946.  Shizuko Kasagi - Tokyo Boogie Woogie / My Dear Little Box

A1128, 1951. Nobuo Nishimoto & George Shimabukuro - Japanese Rumba / Grace Amemiya - The Song of Arirang

JL7, 1952. Richard Powers - Gomennasai / Grace Amemiya - Song of Korea

Jo stafford Japan Columbia L47
L47, 1952. Jo Stafford - It is no Secret / If

L50, 1952. Rosemary Clooney - Rose of the Mountain / Come on-a my House

L64, 1952. Johnnie Ray - Cry / The Little Cloud that Cried


Pressed by Teichiku Records.

Decca Japan DE52
DE52, 1952.  Red Foley & The Nashville Dixielanders - Dixie / Alabama Jubilee


Pressed by King Record Co, Tokyo.

Chiemi Eri was only 14 when she recorded a series of covers of popular American hits for King.
Some are in a mix of English and Japanese.

CL101, 1951. Chiemi Eri - Com (sic) On-a My House / Tennessee Waltz

The same coupling on a diffreent serial number fixed the spelling error.

C791, 1951. Chiemi Eri - Come On-a My House / Tennessee Waltz

C806, 1951.  Chiemi Eri - Too Young / Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

CL-105, 1951.  Chiemi Eri - Blue Moon / Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy

Hayama Cl107
Cl107, 1952.  Peggy Hayama & The Stardusters - Domino / Kiss of Fire


Pressed by Teichiku Records Co, Nara.

C3119, ?date.  Unknown female singer and songs.


Pressed by Victor Co. of Japan, Yokohama.

V40303, ?date.  Yoshiko Yamaguchi - Yeh-Lai-Hsiang / Omoide No Byakuran

Last updated March 2015.
Thanks to input from Kato-Hopkins (78Online)