Mechanical Copyright stamps

Allan & Co

Australia, Music Publisher.

Allans had its origins in the music selling firm of Wilkie & Webster, formed in Melbourne in 1850.  In 1862 George L. Allan joined and the name became Wilkie, Webster & Allan.  By the time he was 21, he had become a partner and the name became Allan & Co.  In 1936 the Sydney branch of the company joined with Nicholson & Co Ltd of Sydney, which lasted until the mid-1950’s when Allans sold their shares.  In the mid-1970’s the form became part of Brash’s Holdings, continuing as a separate operation.  As Allans Music Group, the company continues today as one of Australia’s largest music publishers and retailers.

Allan & Co Type 1a
Date: 1918
Issues: 2
Size: 16.5 mm.
Perf: 11
Rarity: RRR
Design: Ornamental border, "ALLAN & CO / MELBOURNE" and value handstamped in centre.
Allan & Co Type 1b
Date: c1918
Issues: 1
Size: 16x16 mm.
Perf: 11
Rarity: RRRR
Design: As Type 1a, but oval and value printed in black.
Allan & Co Type 2
Date: 1922-66
Issues: 100+
Size: 17 mm.
Perf: 11 or roulette 7
Rarity: CC
Design: "ALLAN & CO PTY LTD" in arc at top, "MUSIC PUBLISHERS MELBOURNE" in arc below.  FLoral-style ornaments in corners.  Basic colour changed over the years, starting in olive-green, then blue (the commonest), then red or rose, finally back to blue.
Allan & Co Type 3
Date: 1923-29
Issues: 15
Size: 15.5x14 mm.
Perf: 11
Rarity: RR
Design: Allan's trademark script logo in central panel, value below and "W.G.C" above, the meaning of which is a mystery.
Allan & Co Type 4
Date: 1924-28
Issues: 4
Size: 17 mm.
Perf: 14x15
Rarity: RR
Design: Same basic design as  also used for J. Albert & Son, L.F. Collin and D. Davis & Co.  New Zealand in green, Australia in red.  Printed in England by Harrisons for some records exported to Australia.

Gallery Items

On reverse of Kingsley cardboard record

One of 5 on back of Viking EP

1d and 3/4d olive-green on Mastertouch medley roll, with Alberts (x2) and Davis.

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